Why California Phlebotomy School?

Because you deserve a Career, not just a job.

Our program costs $1,645. The lowest price in Riverside County

What does enrolling at the California Phlebotomy School give you?

  • Hands on learning with some of the most experiened and engaging instructors in the area
  • 40 hours of required classwork in preperation for the National Exam
  • Placement in a 40 hour externship (with waiting times much lower than other phlebotomy programs)
  • Smaller class sizes than other schools because we care more about the quality of our graduates than the quantity

What you’ll learn at the California Phlebotomy School

Our comprehensive course will allow you to learn all the techniques you need to succeed in the field of phlebotomy. Our instructors allow the students to dictate the speed of the class as they teach you the following:

  • Patient Rights
  • Venipuncture with Vacutainers
  • Venipuncture with Butterfly’s
  • Venipuncture with Syringes
  • Finger and Heel sticks
  • Blood and its components
  • Test tubes – uses and additives
  • Professionalism
  • Special Procedures
  • Reactions
  • Difficult Draw
  • Job Opportunities
  • Job Interviewing Techniques
  • OSHA
  • And much more…

Ready to get started?